Outdoor Vagabond is a Swedish based travel company offering tours and activities in the Scandinavian wilderness. We believe in social and environmental responsibility and our mission is for our enterprise to contribute to a more sustainable world. Through our tours we hope to spread and share our great love and appreciation for nature and the unspoiled wilderness.

We at Outdoor Vagabond try to have something for everyone, whether you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast looking for a multi-day adventure in the mountains or a novice looking for a leisurely stroll in the woods. We offer fixed tours at fixed dates but also assist travelers in planning and customizing their very own nature and wildlife holidays in Scandinavia.

Let Outdoor Vagabond be your door to the Scandinavian wilderness!

Our story

The founder and owner of Outdoor Vagabond is the Swedish explorer Adam Lindgren. Adam has worked as as a free-lance guide and outdoor educator for more than a decade in both Scandinavia and abroad. While guiding groups in places like India and Kilimanjaro surely is enthralling, nothing calls to him more than the Scandinavian wilderness.

With Outdoor Vagabond, Adam has teamed up with some of his fellow outdoor guides to start a company offering tours and activities with its own special mark. Outdoor Vagabond strive to be the best in everything we do. We invest in world-class guides, first-class service and sincere social and environmental commitments.

Now we wish to be your door to the Scandinavian wilderness!

World-class guides

We know the importance of good guides for good experiences!

Our guides are all trained and certified professionals with long experience in their field. They are hand-picked for their delicate ability to keep you safe in wild while simultaneously emanate a light-hearted atmosphere. We are your hosts, and our job is to allow you to safely and joyously experience our great Scandinavian wilderness.

Hospitality and professionalism

We are a small and tightly knit team of professionals making up this company. Our smallness is not our weakness, it is our strength!

Everything we do, we do with great care. We take pride in our trade and always strive for perpetual improvement. For us, hospitality and professionalism is not a mere means to an end, it is what we are.

When you choose Outdoor Vagabond you can be sure you´re dealing with true professionals!

Earth first!

We always strive for sustainability!

Through our tours we hope to spread and share our great love and appreciation for nature and the unspoiled wilderness. However, everything we do leaves an ecological footprint. This is what we do in our effort to minimize ours:

We know that when coming to Scandinavia from afar, flying might have been your only viable option. However, while in Scandinavia we make sure to offer you the most sustainable alternatives.

Food and dining
What we eat affect the environment. That is why we strive to work with providers that offer more sustainable dining options. For us, that means more organically grown and locally produced food. We also encourage vegetarian options.

Leave nothing but footprints
This is the principle that we always follow on our tours in the Scandinavian wilderness. On a tour with Outdoor Vagabond your guide will teach to everything there is to know about low impact traveling in the wilderness.


The Scandinvaian wilderness can be rough and some of our tours can not be partaken by all. However, we always strive to have something for everyone. This also applies for persons with disabilities. For instance, on the photo to the left you find the guide Adam (left), the guide-dog Bosse (center) and our guest Joakim (right). Joakim is visually impaired and together this team completed a 6-day long hike along the famous King´s Trail.

Together we find solutions!